Wanted to say thanks

bought one of your crushables in Durango, last XXL they had, on our 25th anniversary trip 14 months ago. My son has the same XXL head (
we are over 7.75″), we special ordered him one in black, one of his themes.

He is a Physics student in a small New Jersey university, his black crushable is a “hip thing” on campus. Our last name is Bone, his middle initial is T, his nickname is T Bone.

My handle has been TBone for 58 years. We wear fine hats.

Hatman answers
Thank you so much for the kind words. It is always great to hear from a happy client. We do our best to make the finest and best fitting hats in the universe, and your kind of support keeps us going.

If you happen to have a picture of T-Bone or T-Bone Jr. in your hat, I would love to see them.
Take care and thanks again.
Great hats, thanks!


Equatation hat

I bought one of your hats for my daughter, Camille, at the Sebastopol Gravenstein Apple Festival several years ago.   She still enjoys wearing her hat.  She is now competing in Equitation and Pleasure riding events.  She has been told that for these events the hat she has is not acceptable as the rim does not turn up enough.  Are you familiar with the requirements for hats for these type of competitive events, and do you have or can you make hats to fulfill those requirements?  I look forward to hearing back from you.
Hatman answers:
I am not familiar with the exact requirements, but I would suggest one of my shape able hats.  I have many.  If you want all leather, I suggest you look at the western hats  http://www.headnhome.com/hatstore/outback_western_leather_hats/
For a cooler hat, try the Designer Mesh and leather  http://www.headnhome.com/hatstore/designer_mesh_leather_hats/

We have other models as well as you can see in the attached pictures.  A search on our site by the hat names with find them for you.

I hope this helps.

Hello Head n Home Crew!!

I received my order of two Steampunk top hats and as always I continue to be impressed with the quality and fit of your products. Thank you very much and  keep up the great work! Among my other five hats purchased from you previously are two black toppers with the diamond headband. I couldn’t decide between the suede and the smooth so I just bought them both.

Therein lies my request. In your new Steampunk collection I noticed that the wonderful red vested top hat looked very similar in basic design to the two I purchased previously. I would dearly LOVE to put that vest on one of them. I know you don’t offer that as a separate item currently but I want to ask if you would consider selling me one. I would be very grateful if you did so.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hatman Answers:
Thank you for the kind words Mitchell.  We can make you that vest, and it will fit perfectly on your toppers.  I will have to get back to you on the pricing.

Hi there,
I have the dallas bark cowboy hat and I’m curious if water(lots of rain) will ruin it.  I’m going to Peru next week and think it might be the perfect hat to keep the high altitude sun off, but I don’t want to ruin it in the rain.  Also, I presume I shouldn’t squish this hat, right?

Hatman Answers:
I would not worry about the rain.  If it soaks water, let it dry naturally in the shape you like. Hav Give it a good brushing with stiff nylon bristle brush to take out any spots.  120 grit sandpaper used lightly also works if spots are stubborn.  And no, I would not quish the Dallas.
Have a good trip

Steampunk Hats

Steampunk hats

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Raider Mocha


raider mocha
Is the Raider Mocha hat crushable ?? I have other of your hats, but need one that I can travel with in a suitcase, etc. Also, is 7 1/8 size a M/L ??   Thanks, Bill

Hatman Answers:
It is not crushable, but we can custom make you the same model that would  be.  You would have to call to place this custom order. 1-800-nice hat.
I might suggest the Zephyr or Crusher also.  They do have a slightly larger brim, but are crushable.

I have one of your hats that I bought years ago on display in our house. I love the hat, but would like to remove, or make less obvious, a couple of water spots that are on the underside of the rim. Please advise me of what steps to take to accomplish this.

Hatman Answers:
Great Classic HeadnHome Hat.
I think this video will help you clean it up.